Adela - Sergej Schatz

A photoshoot with hustle

My first photoshoot with my lovely friend Adela. I met her last year in Cairns, Queensland while I was traveling and exploring Australia. Adela studies Fashion and Design at the University in Melbourne and travels to Cairns on her holidays. I was about to finish work at the end of October 2017 and booked my flight to Cairns. Luckily I was able to catch up with Adela as she was already up there taking her time off. Too bad that I only had 2 days to enjoy myself in Cairns and totally forgot to tell Adela about my short visit as we talked to do a photoshoot together once I'm up there. Adela was disappointed and we were about to cancel it as we spontaneously decided to do it. A quick make up on, a few dresses thrown in the bag and straight to the lagoon. We had just about 1 hour till the sunset, still enough time to get some nice shoots. Here are the results :)