Mikki - Sergej Schatz

Wired Dreams


After being in New Zealand for 1,5 months it was time to connect with the locals and why not in offering them free photoshoots? :-) Perfect weather with good vibes. I’ve met Mikki and Liv on Friday to take some photos. The weather conditions were excellent on that day. We found a great location in the city were we had plenty of backgrounds to choose from. Coming from Australia I can tell… it reminds me of Melbourne, one go my favourite cities in Australia. A similar vibe with great talents in art work all around the city. 

As being interested in Art and Photography it kinda makes. Close to the beautiful Peninsula with plenty activities to do. You’ll never get bored. Anyhow here are the results from my photoshoot with Mikki. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. 

Future collaborations

There is a bright future for me and I’m very excited to experiment more, trying to gain more skills in the Portrait and Fashion Industry coming from the Adventure/Journey side. I’m also working more on my cinematography skills and hope to integrate them to my further projects. As we all know it is great to look at a picture and reminisce to the good old days but isn't it even better if we can watch the pictures come alive? Like a spark, wandering on its own through the night that will call up different emotions in us. Which will leave us guessing, whats next. 

Behind the scenes

Liv took a few behind the scenes photos while I was full in action. It's always great to see how the photos were actually made. Till the next photoshoot.