Hartz National Park, TAS - Sergej Schatz

My new travel mate

Where do you find travel mates? Randomly on the streets, on camping grounds or on the internet? I never tried the internet so I thought I give it a go. That’s right it’s not that easy to find the right person who suits you as you need to learn more about the other person than just a few hours of chatting. I never thought I would get so many replies on my ad. So it was not easy to sort the right ones out.

The adventure can begin

In short… a 19 year old and I decided to rent car and explore Tasmania for 10 Days. The Hartz National Park was our first destination. She decided to sleep in the car and I started to build my lovely tent close to a river where I slept the night. Nothing can beat the sound of the water running down a river. It’s like meditation. Really. The nights here in Tasmania are getting colder and its getting harder to camp if you don’t have the right sleeping bag with you. The hike itself is very easy but takes a while to get to the Hartz peak. So make sure you have a clear sky as the views from the top are incredible. We had just a perfect day to do this hike. Here are some photos: We made it!! Close to the peak. I’m always in short.. no matter what weather 😀

South Bruny Island

Once we finished the hike we decided to take the last ferry to South Bruny Island. The sun were about to settle down, but the adventure was not over. Once we made it to the campground we got out of the car and looked up … there was the whole Milky Way in front of our eyes. Ready to shoot the milky way at the lighthouse? I asked. YES. Lets do this! It took us about 40 min to get to the lighthouse as there were so many possums on the dirt road. It was worth the drive to gaze the stars with the lighthouse in front of us. PS: Watch out for the scorpions though 😉